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lindaandsherryEmbodying Conscious Femininity invites you to explore and experience the frontiers of your unconscious in your own cellular being. Together Linda Kawer, LCSW and Sherry Wheaton, MD create a sacred space that offers a container of safety and trust.

Within the wisdom of this carefully crafted process, you have an opportunity to:

• embody your dream images

• explore the movement of your body

• vibrate sounds and gestures

• listen deeply to your inner language

• experiment with your creative expression

Rather than speak of the unconscious, you will be given the opportunity to inhabit the right brain's implicit world of symbols, metaphors, and dreams. In your Descent into Body and Soul you may begin to understand conscious femininity as a deep presence to yourself and another. You may notice a bit more of what is authentic and true as you learn to trust the imperfections of your humanness. You might even learn that change is indeed possible if you first ground, take the time to notice your inner landscape and then ever so slowly step toward what is uncomfortable. Living in this embodied way could offer an expanding resilience that allows you to stand in the presence of the unknown.







Linda and Sherry are graduates of the BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training, a three-year program for professionals that was created by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner. We are proud to integrate this work into each of our professional lives, as well as to continue explore and develop the next generation of these workshops.

Embodying Conscious Femininity - A Descent into Body and Soul is affiliated with The Marion Woodman Foundation. We are honored to offer women these opportunities to embody the courage to live authentically.

Your tax deductible contributions to our scholarship fund will help us offer support to women committed to their inner journey who are otherwise unable to participate. Contact us for information.


* The renowned Jungian analyst and author Marion Woodman has written such groundbreaking books as Conscious Femininity, Addiction to Perfection and The Pregnant Virgin. She was one of the first Jungian scholars to explore and articulate the relationship of soma and psyche (body and soul), particularly in women. She collaborated with her colleagues, the dance educator Mary Hamilton and the actor and voice teacher Ann Skinner, to develop BodySoul Rhythms, a weeklong intensive format. Over the last thirty years, thousands of women throughout the world have experienced this transformational work. Linda Kawer LCSW and Sherry Wheaton MD have been mentored and trained by the collective wisdom and skill of these three women.

For more information please contact: sherryandlinda@consciousfemininity.com

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